Ozzie loves the squaddie

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Ichabod’s terms of endearment for Hawley

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He made me a better person. I’ve learned so much from him, as you do when you come together with another person. You both make each other better. You both learn about the best of each other, and recognize the things where you’re failing, or where you need to step up. When it’s a great partnership, you really are patient with each other.

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Make me Choose

           ↳ dumbledors-acquaintance asked: Olitz or Olake

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I also have that desire to blurt stuff out, but I’ve learned I can’t do that. Not when you realise the whole world is listening. That’s why perhaps I look so uncomfortable in interviews at times.

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how many moments in life can you point to and say, that’s where it a l l  c h a n g e d.

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oliver in 1x04, “let’s go scooping” 

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Till we find our place on the circle of life.

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@joylenz: “This handsome buggar… #paris @thisisjameslafferty” (x)

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